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Title: ASIVA -- The All-Sky mid-IR imager on Mauna kea

Authors: Morrison, Mahoney, Gajadhar

Institute/Affiliation: IfA and CFHT

Abstract Type: poster

Abstract Information:

The All Sky Infrared Visible Analyzer (ASIVA) is a multi-purpose mid-infrared sky imaging and analysis instrument designed to operate autonomously. The ASIVA detections clouds through their black-body emission between 7-15um where the atmospheric transparently is very high. The following data products are derived from the ASIVA mid-IR data:
Cloud/No Cloud Reporting, Cloud cover determination, Photometric Quality Assessment, Sky Opacity/Transmission determination, Sky/Cloud temperature (brightness and color) measurements, and All-Sky (180 degree field-of-view) maps and analysis.

The ASIVA has been installed on the summit of Mauna Kea and is taken data. An instrument characterization period is coming to an end and excellent data quality is currently being obtained.