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Title: The RTS2 Web Interface

Authors: O. Lara Gil, P. Kubanek, A. J. Castro Tirado, J. Gorosabel, M. Jelinek, R. Cunniffe, S. Guziy, A. De Ugarte Postigo, R. Sanchez-ramirez, J. C. Tello

Institute/Affiliation: IAA CSIC

Abstract Type: poster

Abstract Information:

This poster reviews the history of various Remote Telescope System, 2nd
Version (RTS2) user interfaces, used in the BOOTES (Burst Optical
Observer and Transient Exploring System) telescopes network. It
particularly focuses on the latest one - the web interface, which
benefits greatly from the latest Web trends, including from the
light-weight AJAX with JSON.

We will review approaches undertaken while designing, coding, testing
and further developing this interface. The languages tested and used,
the approaches which worked as well as the one which failed will be