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Title: Precision photometry with a low-cost robotic wide field imaging system

Authors: Olivier Guyon, Josh Walawender

Institute/Affiliation: Subaru Telescope and Univ. of Arizona

Abstract Type: talk

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We report recent results from a low cost small aperture robotic imaging system installed on the Mauna Loa observatory. The system uses commercial components, and offers a 150 deg2 field of view with a 70 mm diameter aperture and 10 arcsec pixels. The detector, a DSLR camera body, offers simultaneous 3-color photometry. Accurate differential photometry is derived through PSF modeling and custom data reduction algorithms. At less than $10k total hardware cost, the system is a cost-effective solution to high sensitivity imaging when a 10\" angular resolution is acceptable, offering an etendue equivalent to a 1-m diameter telescope and a 1 deg diameter field of view. Thanks to extensive use of commercial parts and public release of all software written for the system, it can easily be duplicated and scaled up (either by adding several units, or augmenting the collecting area with different optics).