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Title: DEMONEX: The DEdicated MONitor of EXotransits

Authors: Jason Eastman, B. Scott Gaudi

Institute/Affiliation: The Ohio State University

Abstract Type: talk

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The DEdicated MONitor of EXotransits (DEMONEX) is a 0.5 meter, robotic telescope dedicated to obtaining precise photometry of bright stars with known transiting planets. This photometry provides a homogeneous data set for all transits visible from its location at Winer Observatory in Sonoita, Arizona, and allows us to robustly compare planets, search for additional planets via transit timing variations (TTVs), place limits on secondary eclipses, systematically search known radial velocity planets for those that transit, and follow up promising transiting planet candidates from the Kilo-degree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT). I will describe the hardware, scheduling, observing, and data reduction software, as well as some of our results from the first two and half years of operation.