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Title: LCOGT Sites and Facilities

Authors: John J. Martinez, Timothy M. Brown, Patrick Conway, Mark Elphick, Michael Falarski, Eric Hawkins, Wayne Rosing, John Shobbrook, Las Cumbres Observatory Global T

Institute/Affiliation: Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope

Abstract Type: talk

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LCOGT is currently designing, building and deploying a world-wide network of at least twelve 1.0-meter and twenty-four 0.4-meter robotic telescopes to as many as 4 sites in the Southern hemisphere (Chile, South Africa, Eastern Australia, and TBD) and 4 in the Northern hemisphere (Hawaii, West Texas, Canary Islands, and TBD). Building and deploying a globally distributed network of astronomical observatories is a daunting engineering and logistical challenge. Our strategy includes development of a standard model of site and facility design, emphasizing pre-frabication, modularity and interchangeability of major components, maintenance and troubleshooting personnel who are local to the site, and autonomy of operation. We will ship, install, and spare large units (in many cases entire telescopes), with minimal assembly on site. This approach minimizes reliance on various contractors for construction and deployment, allowing for a greater degree of as-built uniformity across all network sites.