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Title: Lidar and All-Sky IR Camera Cloud Measurements for LSST Scheduling

Authors: J. Sebag, P. Zimmer, D. Klebe, J. Mcgraw, V. Krabbendam

Institute/Affiliation: NOAO-LSST

Abstract Type: poster

Abstract Information:

LSST has acquired an all-sky thermal IR imager to evaluate its cloud detection performances to inform the automatic scheduling process during night operations. Observations in the 10micron window have long been used at observatories to detect the presence of thick clouds and recent progresses in IR detector performances should enable the detection of thin cirrus at high altitudes.
Lidar is quite effective at measuring the altitude and the optical depth of thin cirrus clouds well below 1% transmission losses and is therefore a perfectly suited instrument to help evaluating the detection performance of the all-sky IR imager.
For that purpose, the IR imager has been deployed at the UNM Campus Observatory in Albuquerque NM the location of the Astronomical Lidar for Extinction (ALE) and the two instruments were operated together under varying amounts of cloud coverage. The poster will present the results obtained so far from this set of simultaneous observations.