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Title: Building and operating a network of autonomous observatories with an open source software

Authors: Petr Kubanek, Michal Prouza, Martin Jelinek, Alberto J. Castro-tirado

Institute/Affiliation: Institute of Physics CR and IAA CSIC - IPL UV Spain

Abstract Type: talk

Abstract Information:

I will review our experiences in the development of the open source
software for control of a network of autonomous observatories. The
software package, called RTS2, uses its own TCP/IP communication stack,
allowing different scheduling modes. It is running on over 10
observatories worldwide (on 4 continents). It is being develop for over a decade, from late 1999. I will comment on lessons learned both on hardware and software side during development, installation, commissioning and operation of the system, progress achieved during last years as well as plans for further system development.