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Title: A Potential 4+ Class IR Telescope in East Anatolia, Turkey

Authors: C. Yesilyaprak, S. Ozdemir, T. Akkus, H. Demirci, S.K. Yerli, A. Esendemir, Y. Sahin, M. Helvaci, T. Ozisik, E. Sakar, Y. Guney, E. Dikicioglu, N. Aksaker, B.B. Gucsav, B. Dincel, N. Uzun

Abstract Submitted by: Sinan Yerli

Institute/Affiliation: ODTU Physics Department

Abstract Type: poster

Abstract Information:

By interpreting the results of preliminary meteorological measurements carried out since 2008, Karakaya Tepeleri (Erzurum, Turkey) at an altitude of around 3170 m was chosen to be a site for IR observations. The most promising meteorological parameters that promote the site's chance in IR observations were minimum humidity (1-3%), min humidity night count (approximately 5-10 days/year) and mean wind speed (approximately 2.3 m/s for the last 3 years). In addition to these numbers, average clear night counts for the last 3 years were 288 (2008), 267 (2009) and 297 (2010). Inversion layer which was calculated via meteorological balloon (launched twice per day; noon and midnight) measurements is around 2100-2500m (depending on the seasons).

Geographically, the site is covered with high East, North and South mountain ranges which make the site well hidden in a high altitude plateau (Erzurum plateau) preventing from sudden weather activity occurring in North (colder Black Sea region) and South (hotter Middle East and Mediterranean Sea). A short-term DIMM observation (12 days in total with different atmospheric conditions from severe to steady) gave the minimum and median seeing values as 0.45 and 1.06 arcsec, respectively.i Extended and detailed meteorological and astronomical observations are also planned during 2011. The site also has all necessary infrastructure facilities to have an observatory: road, ropeway to the summit, water, electricity and communication.

The Karakaya Tepeleri has about 6km long land area suitable to occupy many observatories which will share the same meteorological conditions. This opportunity is open to all potential collaborations around the world.