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Title: Flexible Queue Scheduling Capabilities of the 1.3-m RCT: Application to Time Variable Sources

Authors: M. T. Carini, R. Gelderman, D. R. Davis, S. G. Engle, E. F. Guinan, C. H. McGruder III, L-G. Strolger, E. F. Tedesco, and D. K. Walter

Abstract Submitted by: Richard Gelderman

Institute/Affiliation: Western Kentucky University - Robotically Controlled Telescope Consortium

Abstract Type: poster

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The queue scheduling capabilities of the RCT make it very suitable for routine monitoring of variable sources. The ease with which one can change observation priorities, parameters and add or subtract objects from the queue allow one to react quickly to sudden changes in source flux. The data archive process allows rapid access to the data for quick look analysis and source flux measurements. We describe the use of the RCT for optical variability monitoring of Blazars, in concert with observations at other wavelengths.