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Title: CFHT data processing and calibration pipeline for WIRCam: Iiwi (near-IR imaging)

Authors: Karun Thanjavur, Doug Teeple, Chi-hung Yan, And Members Of The Iiwi Team

Abstract Submitted by: Karun Thanjavur

Institute/Affiliation: CFHT

Abstract Type: poster

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We present the salient features and advantages of Iiwi v2, the current version of the CFHT data processing pipeline for the prime focus, wide field NIR-imager, WIRCam. Due to the enormous WIRCam data volume, we employ multi-machine parallel computation to achieve a reduction ~30% in calibration and data processing times compared to the conventional sequential processing. Iiwi v2 is driven by distinct goals (creation of each data product and all associated dependencies), and thus incorporates in its design the important property of being able to abort and restart the process at any point. For optimal near infrared sky estimation, in addition to the standard dither pattern, we have incorporated several new strategies in response to PI demands. Photometric zero point calibration is done with both standard stars in every camera run, as well stars in each exposure matched with the 2MASS catalog. Weight maps and masks for each exposure are generated for use in the data processing, as well as for distribution to the PIs. Here we highlight the processing of the complete set of calibrations and the six data products distributed to the PIs in an easy-to-use web interface.