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Title: CFHT data processing and calibration ESPaDOnS pipeline: Upena and OPERA (optical spectropolarimetry)

Authors: E. Martioli, D. Teeple, N. Manset

Abstract Submitted by: Eder Martioli

Institute/Affiliation: CFHT

Abstract Type: poster

Abstract Information:

CFHT is ESPaDOnS responsible for processing raw images, removing instrument related artifacts, and delivering science-ready data to the PIs. Here we describe the Upena pipeline, which is the software used to reduce the echelle spectro-polarimetric data obtained with the ESPaDOnS instrument. Upena is an automated pipeline that performs calibration and reduction of raw images. Upena has the capability of both performing real-time image-by-image basis reduction and a post observing night complete reduction. Upena produces polarization and intensity spectra in FITS format. The pipeline is designed to perform parallel computing for improved speed, which assures that the final products are delivered to the PIs before noon HST after each night of observations. We also present the OPERA project, which is an open-source pipeline to reduce ESPaDOnS data that will be developed as a collaborative work between CFHT and the scientific community. OPERA will match the core capabilities of Upena and in addition will be open-source, flexible and extensible.