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Title: The Baker Observatory Robotic Autonomous Telescope

Authors: M. Reed, M. Thompson, L. Hicks, A. Baran

Abstract Submitted by: Mike Reed

Institute/Affiliation: Missouri State University

Abstract Type: poster

Abstract Information:

We will describe the Baker Observatory Robotic Autonomous Telescope (possibly BORAT) project. This project is to assemble a
robotic telescope that can autonomously obtain data and transfer
it to a central server. The goal is to produce a useful observatory
for asteroseismology on a shoestring budget. The hardware includes a
16 inch Meade LX-200 telescope, an AstroHaven 7 foot dome, an Apogee
U47 CCD camera and filter wheel, and a Boltwood Cloud Sensor II. We
are currently considering XmTel for the Telescope Control System.
This project is a partnership between Missouri State University and
Cracow Pedagogical University with support from the Missouri Space
Grant Consortium, funded by NASA.