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Title: Telescope Control through CelestialGrid

Authors: Bret Little, Cameron Pace, Richard Pearson, Jacob Nelson, John Smith, Ben Boizelle, J. Ward Moody

Abstract Submitted by: Bret Little

Institute/Affiliation: Brigham Young University

Abstract Type: talk

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The Remote Observatory for Variable Object Research (ROVOR) is a 16 inch RC Optical telescope sited 12 miles NW of Delta Utah. It has been built to remotely monitor bright objects that vary with time such as variable stars, cataclysmic variables, GRBs, and active galactic nuclei (AGN) including blazars, quasars, Seyfert nuclei and Low Ionization Nuclear Emission Regions (LINERS). ROVOR has been designed from the ground up with off the shelf materials, making it a cost effective solution to modern astronomical research. Observatory communication and control on ROVOR is provided through a Java software package called CelestialGrid. CelestialGrid was entirely built at BYU and is an all-inclusive observatory system which automates the capture, retrieval, calibration, reduction, and long-term archival of astronomical data. CelestialGrid is a software framework built on top of Software Bisque Orchestrate, The Sky, and CCDSoft for telescope operation, and LabVIEW for dome operation. Although CelestialGrid was developed for use on ROVOR, the system is modular and is capable of controlling many different observatories. I will present the capabilities and demonstrate the operation of CelestialGrid.