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Title: Remote observing with the FAST telescope

Authors: Ming Zhu

Abstract Submitted by: Ming Zhu

Institute/Affiliation: National Astronomical Observatory of China

Abstract Type: talk

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The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is a Chinese mega-science project that is currently under construction, with the aim to build the largest single dish radio telescope in the world. It has an Arecibo-type dish located on an unique Karst depression. Unlike the Arecibo, FAST has an active main reflector which corrects spherical aberration on the ground to achieve full polarization and wide band without involving complex feed systems, and it is equipped with a light focus cabin driven by cables and servomechanism plus a parallel robot as the secondary adjustable system to carry the receivers. Located at a remote, radio quite site, remote operation of the FAST telescope is highly desirable. This talk will discuss the initial design of the telescope control and monitoring system, and explore the possibility of remote observing with such a complicated system.