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Title: Retrofitting the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope for Remote Operations

Authors: S. Gajadhar, T. Vermeulen, W. Cruise

Abstract Submitted by: Sarah Gajadhar

Institute/Affiliation: CFHT

Abstract Type: talk

Abstract Information:

In 2007, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) undertook a project to enable the remote control of the observatory at the summit of Mauna Kea from a control room in the Headquarters building in Waimea. Instead of having two people operating the telescope and performing the observations from the summit, this project will allow one operator to remotely control the observatory and perform observations for the night.

CFHT is in the final phases of implementation of the capabilities required to allow remote operation of the observatory. This project has included the development of tools for remote assessment, monitoring, notification, and control of observatory systems that are necessary for observing and other critical observatory functions. Many changes were needed to allow remote operations of an observatory that was designed without that intent.

This talk will present some of the considerations, challenges, successes and lessons learned in our transition to remote operations.