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Title: Remote Queued Service Observing at CFHT

Authors: Daniel Devost, Nadine Manset, Todd Burdullis.

Abstract Submitted by: Nadine Manset

Institute/Affiliation: CFHT

Abstract Type: talk

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The Canada-France-Hawaii telescope started remote observing from
Waimea in January 2011. Operations that were done from the summit by
two operators are now done from Waimea by only one person called the
Remote Observer.

Before remote operations, CFHT Queue Scheduled Observing was done from
the summit with one Observing Assistant(OA) and one Service
Observer(SO). The OA was in charge of the mechanical and technical
systems of the telescope as well as weather monitoring while the SO
was in charge of running the queue system and performing the
observations of the science programs depending on the weather
conditions. With the switch to remote operations, the OA and SO duties
were merged into a one person operation to be performed from the
remote observing room at the CFHT headquarters in Waimea.

In this talk, I will briefly review the training performed and it\'s
impact on the efficiency of the observations at CFHT. I will also
review the way the transition period was handled and also give an
overview on the ongoing remote operations and their impact on science