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Title: The Remote Observatory for Variable Object Research (ROVOR)

Authors: Moody, J. W., Little, B., Nelson J., Smith, J., Boizelle, B., Pace, C., Pearson, R. L

Abstract Submitted by: Jward Moody

Institute/Affiliation: Brigham Young University

Abstract Type: talk

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The Remote Observatory for Variable Object Research (ROVOR) is a 16\" RC Optical telescope on a Paramount ME pier located in Central Utah 100 miles south of the BYU campus. We have been operating it remotely for 2 1/2 years monitoring blazars, x-ray binaries, AGN, and an occasional gamma ray burst. Originally conceived as a prototype to use in teaching remote observing to undergraduate astronomy majors, ROVOR has become a useful scientific tool for monitoring brighter stellar sources. Papers on Mrk 501 and Mrk 421 using ROVOR data have been submitted to the ApJ. We present the basics of the observatory with an emphasis on 1) its economics, 2) the control system, 3) the data reduction pipeline, 4) its unique dome, and 5) lessons learned.